Certification and Expertise

Expert reports and certifications - independent and competent

Innovation and new paths are routine occurrences in the fields of recycling and renewables, as are changing statutory requirements and new research findings. As engineers, HTP experts have the requisite knowledge of these developments and future trends to compile assessment reports and carry out certifications.

Assessment experts

In our capacity as certified experts, we compile expert reports for courts of law, ministries, companies and private individuals, as well as issuing certificates of compliance with the German Recycling Act or Eucert Plast. In doing so, we always take care not to stray from our key competence area, i.e. that of machines and plant for the recycling and renewable energy sector.

Close contacts to universities and research institutes

Our engineers maintain close contacts with universities and research institutes, including the RWTH Aachen, the Fachhochschule Aachen, the Euregio research centre and other research institutes. This is of great benefit for us, enabling us to keep abreast of the latest technological developments - and in many cases we are one step ahead.

What we offer:

  • Expert plant assessments (relating to technical and operating criteria)

  • Certification of recycling plants

  • Dimensioning calculations and construction checks

  • Litigation and arbitration reports

  • Assessments of the recyclability of specific materials

Certification and Expertise: our projects


Our label certifying the recyclability of specific materials