Plant engineering

Once the feasibility study and business plan have been compiled for your investment project, we contact our pool of engineers and put together a team tailored to your project. Basic and project planning is carried out on the basis of the traditional and standardized processes for the construction of industrial plants, using the German scale of fees for architects and engineers (HOAI).

Project and process management

Engineering at HTP means much more than just drawing board and design work. To arrive at an overall result meeting all requirements, our work also includes project and process management, site management and generally accompanying the process right up to plant commissioning. Our engineers support your project either remotely from our offices in Aachen or Essen or from on-site project offices. Support does not stop until everything is running properly. As a customer, you can be sure that your project will be completed on time.

Independence through our own CAD program

Maintaining our independence vis-à-vis machine and plant manufacturers is very important for us. One of the ways of achieving this is our use of our own CAD program. We work with Autodesk Inventor, a CAD program that we ourselves have further developed and which is compatible with other programs. An additional benefit: all tools used comply with industry standards and thus match all common industry systems. This means that we can combine the three pillars of your project in an optimal manner: strategic consulting, engineering and project management.

What we offer:

  • Plant engineering in all HOIA phases

  • Feasibility studies

  • Basic and detailed design

  • Pre-planning and preliminary planning

  • Commissioning support

  • Acceptance management

  • Tendering

  • Award recommendations

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